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Walter Lau Hee

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Walter Lau Hee

Walt is a U.S. Army Veteran. He was an infantryman for 14 years and served over seas in Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He and his family were stationed in many places, but when Colorado Springs became his last duty station, they knew that Colorado is where they would stay. In between his years served, he was a Realtor in California and discovered his love for Real Estate. After his time in the Army, he decided to continue his passion for Real Estate in Colorado Springs. He became a part of the Keller Willams Partners, and from there formed his own team, The Lau Hee Group, within Keller Williams Partners. Walter is still very involved with the Army and stays in contact regularly with his battle buddies. He enjoys spending time with Soldiers and Vets at Fort Carson, or through organizations for Veterans where they can swap war stories for hours on end. Walt is also very much a family man, and loves to be with his bride, two kids, and his family's two puppies.